It is very important to store chicken safely in the fridge to stop bacteria from spreading and avoid food poisoning.

  • To avoid the spread of any possible bacteria to ready-to-eat food such as fruits and vegetables, always keep the raw chicken in clean, sealed containers on the bottom shelf of the fridge.
  • Always follow the storage instructions if there are any.
  • Keep your raw chicken away from the cooked meal.
  • Defrost meat thoroughly before cooking – lots of liquid will come out as meat thaws, so stand it in a bowl to stop bacteria in the juice spreading to other things
  • Eat it within 24 hours of defrosting.
  • Never re-freeze raw chicken that has been defrosted. You can cook chicken once defrosted, and then refreeze them.
  • Frozen raw foods can be defrosted once and stored in the fridge for up to 24 hours before they need to be cooked or thrown away.
  • Freeze raw meat before its “best by” date

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