Red meat, fish and chicken … Obviously among the most important protein sources in our diet. Especially chicken is more preferred comparing with others because it is economical, easy to cook and very tasty.

The secret of yummy, soft chicken breasts and crispy chicken wings is hidden in the seasoning.

One of the most important flavor secrets of a chicken is how you season it. The fresher your chicken the better you marine it and the more flavor it has in the seasoning. Red meat and chickens are always marinated before cooking. In this way, the softest, most delicious red and chicken meat is consumed. It is also applied to fish but not as popular as red and chicken meat.

First of all, the fresher your chicken is, the more delicious it will be. Spread your chickens into pieces of any size or leave them as you wish. Prepare your seasoning sauce in a separate container. In this marination, so make sure you have slightly acidic olive oil and use plenty of spices.

Then bring your chickens together with the seasoning sauce. If you have very high acidic content such as lemon and vinegar in your marination, take care not to season for too long. Let it marinate maximum for a few hours in that case. If you do not have such an acidic material, you can marinate your chickens overnight in the fridge inside an airtight container.

As the chickens rest in the sauce, they will absorb the sauce inside. Do not add salt during marination stage. Add salt over your chicken before cooking or during cooking. This way they will be softer. Because the added salt before cooking may cause your chicken to become harder. Marinate your chicken for at least 2, at most 24 hours.

Whether you are preparing chicken wings or chicken breasts, be sure to have olive oil. Using a lot of garlic is one of the secrets of the work. There is plenty of garlic or garlic powder in the chicken meat we love when we dine outside. Our suggestion is to use garlic. You can also add garlic powder if you wish. Lemon, balsamic vinegar also among other liquid materials that you can use.

The best softening ingredients for chicken meat is yogurt, kefir and yogurt brine. When yogurt and kefir are combined with chicken meat, it makes it soft and delicious. It also helps other spices and ingredients to pass more deliciously to the chicken.

Grain black pepper, fresh or dried oregano, rosemary, sage, basil … This is the secret to making the most delicious chicken ever. If you want a bitter chicken, you can get help from spices such as mustard, red pepper, chili pepper. Those who like more sour tastes can get help from lemongrass, soy sauce, and lemon. Honey would also be a great ingredient for the ones who like more sweet tastes.

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