You know what to cook for dinner tonight. You prepared your list which means you are pretty much ready for shopping!

In the supermarket, you will find all those nicely packed fresh chicken products from chicken thighs, breasts in retail packages. But how are you going to select the best one? How can you know the chicken you are buying is healthy to consume?

Here you can find our short guide to pick the best chicken.

Check the "best by" date.

No surprise this is the most important thing to consider. Some of us do not have the time to do shopping daily and if you are planning to cook what you bought a couple of days later, it is important to select a package that will hold up until you need it.

Select the ones in pink color.

“Best by” date is obviously not good enough. You also need to check the color of the meat which will give you the idea of the freshness of the package. Independent from the part of the chicken, it is better if you look for chicken that has a pink, fleshy-colored hue. Always keep in mind that as chicken spoils, its coloring fades from pink to dull gray. The food which is consumed by the chickens may affect the meat color. The meat color may vary from yellowish to green, however, gray color is what we have to avoid at all times.

Inspect Frozen Products Carefully

Frozen chicken should be frozen hard and show no signs of ice crystals inside the package. If there is frozen liquid inside the package, the chicken has likely been defrosted and then refrozen. This does not mean that the chicken is spoiled, but this is likely to affect the taste negatively.

As Bilal Group, we monitor our entire supply chain using a “Temperature Registration System” to make sure defrosting never happens to our products.

Select Trusted Brands.

Always select the brand that is known for its focus on quality.

All of our products and production processes are inspected by the Halal authority and each product has its own Halal certificate. As well as the highest level of HACCP “The Food Safety Quality Certificate”, we are also awarded the world’s highest hygiene certificate BRC. From the farm until the supermarket shelves our chicken, as well as each and every ingredient, is traceable.

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