Whole Chicken

Chicken as the whole package! It consists of breast, thigh, wings, neck, and back. Ideal purchase for oven or even for soup and stews!

Chicken Breast

The meat is white and low in fat. It is ideal for oven, pot, and pan! What you can do with it is up to your imagination.

Chicken Leg

Each chicken has two legs (obviously) which in turn are divided into the Thigh and Drumstick via a clavicle. The leg includes bone and skin. It is full of taste and flavor.

Chicken Thigh

The leg fillet is the thigh without bone and skin. It is the juiciest piece of chicken and highly recommended for every use.


It’s the children’s favorite part, while it is better enjoyed eating by hand. Recommended for frying, oven baking and cooked meals.

Chicken Wings

It is possibly the most loved part of the chicken. Barbecue is a party if there are chicken wings.

Chicken Neck

It contains a decent amount of fat to make it extremely delicious. Which makes it a great ingredient for soups and stews.

Liver, Heart & Kidney

Possibly overlooked parts of the chicken. In addition to the taste and flavor, they contain a high amount of vitamins and minerals. You can easily cook them in a pan together with onions.

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